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Sad day for Jack. I know he’s really going to miss his buddies 😦


Our neighbors (Soon to be past tense) are AMAZING! They have supplied me with tons of boxes and have gone out of their way to keep Jack occupied while I’ve been packing. They even bought him a kite. He flew it with his little buddy, Mika and loved every moment of it.

Miss Jenny and her beautiful Lily came over to hang out and have dinner.

With everything that is going on right now I think that organization is the necessary theme for my 2012 resolutions. So, part of that organization involves keeping up on my blog. This is important considering that when we are out of state, the Internet will be the only way to keep our loved ones updated on our day to day life. So here’s to starting on my 2012 resolutions.

This weekend was nuts. We had a bunch of get-togethers this weekend and while it was a ton of fun,it was also kind of exhausting.

First, we had a Christmas/ Dad’s Bday/ New Years Eve brunch on Saturday morning with my dad which was a lot of fun. Nick and I prepared 2 stratas the night before for breakfast. Ashley came over and we all had a great time.



Then we had a sweet little boy’s first Bday party that afternoon.



Lastly for Saturday, we had our annual New Years Eve Monopoly party with my sister, Amanda. My nephew and my son had a slumber party and as always, it was great fun. Amanda totally smoked us in our game.



Then, on Sunday morning, we enjoyed a relaxing morning clipping coupons, eating left over strata, playing with the boys, and taking down our Christmas decorations.


Sunday afternoon/ early evening, we had dinner (super yummy tortilla soup) with the Helling family. I also made Hot Cocoa Cupcakes for the occasion.



All in all, it was a great weekend! I am looking forward to gifting 2 more people this week and then I can post pics of Thea gifts I made for all of the women in my life.

So, I really have nothing of super-importance to blog about today, but I do have something to say. So often, I will speak to someone about a novel recommendation, or about a really good film. I may encourage someone to pick up knitting or crocheting. And so frequently their response is, “I just don’t have time”. That has always really irked me seeing as I work, have a 3yr. old, have a husband, and dance twice a week. Yet, I still seem to have to time to read a book every week and to knit and crochet. So, today I decided to share how I manage those things. Life is too short, and if all people do is work and come home and watch T.V. then it is a very non-enriched life. Here’s one of my secrets to ensure time for personal hobbies and interests.

*Pack your lunch and embrace your lunch hour. So let’s face it. Most of us have jobs of some kind, and whether it’s in an office or at home, there is always at least an hour in which one can have some time to themself. Use this time for those important but easily pushed aside things that you enjoy so much.

If a person reads a page a minute, once you deduct the approximate 10 minutes that it may take to eat your already packed and prepared lunch, that devours 50 pages of a book in a single lunch hour. Seeing as the average novel is around 300 pages, a person could reasonably finish an entire novel in 6 working days. A book in about a week!

If a person knits 1 row per minute on a baby hat, then a baby hat could be completed in 2 lunch hours.

If a person pops a DVD into their desk computer, then they can watch an average length movie in two lunch hours.

Kind of amazing isn’t it?

Now. Here’s the kicker. If you combine hobbies, you can complete even more. For example, on a usual work day, I can be found drinking my soup lunch, watching a favorite chick-flick (which my husband definitely appreciates me doing when I’m not at home lol), and knitting. Triple the rewards in the same amount of time 🙂

From The Life and Whimsies of Knitty Lou

Now I realize that this might be a bit extreme in the beginning, but with dedication, you too can be a successful hobbyist!

And while this is enjoyable for the hobbyist, I believe that it also improves the person’s morale throughout the day. Prior to lunch, that person will be in good mood looking forward to this hour. Then, after lunch, this person will be in a good mood because they had a wonderful and enjoyable break in the middle of the day. It’s a win win.

And just to plant another little idea… Imagine what you could do with audiobooks in the car during your commute or bathroom/ cigarette breaks. Just a thought.

Alrighty, so while my life can tend to already be pretty hectic, I have just added another project. My best friend of many years just had her baby as you all already probably know and she mentioned that she received a hand-knit hat for Miss Lily before they were discharged from the hospital. I spoke to a NICU nurse for Littleton Adventist Hospital ( )here in Littleton CO and asked her if they are looking for donations. She said yes, absolutely. So, I’ve decided to knit hats and recruit as many of my friends to do the same as I can. I’ve already received support and promises of hats from Alicia and Laura. I’d like to add to that list, so please please donate your time and talents. My goal is to make as many hats as possible and to donate the package to the hospital before the weather gets very chilly. September maybe? There are a few stipulations per the NICU nurse.

1. No natural animal fibers (allergies & sensitive skin) A soft acrylic is prefered.
2. No chunky yarns. A fingering, dk, or sport weight is prefered.
3. Please make the hat stretchy. (Choose your patterns wisely) They want hats for the preemies as well as the healthy roly-poly full terms.

I’m sure that you all already have your prefered pattern resource, but I will link a few pattern that I am going to use myself. They are all free, therefore, there may be mild errors or inconsistencies. If you happen to come across one, please comment an errata here as well as notify the designer.

From The Life and Whimsies of Knitty Lou

Photo & pattern courtesy of

From The Life and Whimsies of Knitty Lou

Photo & pattern courtesy of

Thanks to everyone who will help me to make this possible. Please post pics of your finished projects and when you are ready to get your donations to me, please just give me comment here or send me an email and we can figure it out.

Lily’s baptism was absolutely beautiful! Jenny and Tony were both just glowing. And that wonderful little girl was as happy as a clam. There wasn’t any crying or squirming at all. The church was very pretty and the stone pool with the Holy water was quite impressive. It was a treasure to be asked to be a part of the whole affair. I am so proud of my friend and I am already goo goo for that baby. Lol.




I gave Jen and Tony the bear and was fortunate enough to get a picture with it and Miss Lily. I hope she likes it as she gets older. Every child needs that special animal.


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