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These two are two peas in a pod for sure. The older Jack gets, the better of friends these two become 🙂


I had a wonderful day with my sister, Ashley. We even had a sleep over! And as the third picture reveals…. She learned how to knit!!! I’m so proud 🙂

Celebrating Arch’s big 50th Birthday!

With everything that is going on right now I think that organization is the necessary theme for my 2012 resolutions. So, part of that organization involves keeping up on my blog. This is important considering that when we are out of state, the Internet will be the only way to keep our loved ones updated on our day to day life. So here’s to starting on my 2012 resolutions.

This weekend was nuts. We had a bunch of get-togethers this weekend and while it was a ton of fun,it was also kind of exhausting.

First, we had a Christmas/ Dad’s Bday/ New Years Eve brunch on Saturday morning with my dad which was a lot of fun. Nick and I prepared 2 stratas the night before for breakfast. Ashley came over and we all had a great time.



Then we had a sweet little boy’s first Bday party that afternoon.



Lastly for Saturday, we had our annual New Years Eve Monopoly party with my sister, Amanda. My nephew and my son had a slumber party and as always, it was great fun. Amanda totally smoked us in our game.



Then, on Sunday morning, we enjoyed a relaxing morning clipping coupons, eating left over strata, playing with the boys, and taking down our Christmas decorations.


Sunday afternoon/ early evening, we had dinner (super yummy tortilla soup) with the Helling family. I also made Hot Cocoa Cupcakes for the occasion.



All in all, it was a great weekend! I am looking forward to gifting 2 more people this week and then I can post pics of Thea gifts I made for all of the women in my life.

Jack and I spent most of our Sunday at the park. We hauled a blanket, picnic lunch, wagon, Diesel, and ourselves into the little Honda and we were off. Our desination was the Kendrick Lake Park on Jewell Ave near Garrison in Lakewood because it has a lot of shade and two playgrounds, both of which Jack loves.

From Jack Snapshots 3-4
From Jack Snapshots 3-4
From Jack Snapshots 3-4

Deisel thoroughly enjoyed the car ride.

From Jack Snapshots 3-4

At one point, there was a pretty intense “Battle of the Stick”.

From Jack Snapshots 3-4

Diesel won!

From Jack Snapshots 3-4

We enjoyed our picnic under a huge shade tree. I’ll never figure out why, for some odd reason, sandwiches and Cheetos taste a million times better if its on a pinic. Jack totally agreed.

From Jack Snapshots 3-4
From Jack Snapshots 3-4

All in all, it was a perfect day. Perfect weather. Perfect temperature. And everyone was in a great mood!

From Jack Snapshots 3-4
From Jack Snapshots 3-4

Our family was kind enough to gift an annual zoo membership to us this last Christmas and we have been fortunate to use it often. Jack LOVES the zoo.

From Jack Snapshots 3-4
From Jack Snapshots 3-4

My mom came with us and we had an entire day filled with fun and fur-balls!

From Jack Snapshots 3-4

I have the cutest kid in the entire world! Every time we go, he looks at the map and decides where we are going to go first. This time it was the kangaroos, then the elephants (my favorite) and the giraffes (Jack’s favorite).

From Jack Snapshots 3-4

We had snacks and slurpies by the sea lions and it was a blast. The animals were all making a ton of noise and sunbathing right next to us.

From Jack Snapshots 3-4

And we got to see the hippo for the first time since Jack has been going. (I was way more excited it about it than Jack was though..)

From Jack Snapshots 3-4

From Jack Snapshots 3-4

Yesterday, Jack, my sister-in-law Danielle, and I enjoyed a wonderful morning at our pool. Jack has always been very hesitant in the water and had always insisted on holding onto the wall or playing on the steps. Until he wore water wings for the first time. My mother gifted these recently and my son is now a fish! He was even jumping in. Hooray!

From Jack Snapshots 3-4
From Jack Snapshots 3-4
From Jack Snapshots 3-4

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