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Octonaut – Captain Barnacles

Posted on: May 25, 2012



Octonaut – Captain Barnacles


Octonauts is a trademarked design by Meomi Designs partnered with Disney Junior. I do not own and am not affiliated with either of these. This pattern will be offered free of charge so as not to conflict with any rights of design.

Supplies Needed

Worsted Weight Yarn In – White                                               15mm Craft Safety Eyes In – Black

– Light Blue                                          Felt (tiny amounts) In    – White

– Medium Blue                                                                                  – 3 Shades of Blue

– Dark Blue                                          Puffy Fabric Paint In        – White

Sport Weight Yarn In      – Gold                                                    Embroidery Thread In    – Black

¼” Craft Pom Pom In      – Light Purple                                                                                     – Red

Clear Fabric Glue                                                                              Polyester Fiber Fill

Yarn Needle                                                                                       Embroidery (sharper) Needle

* Special Note Before Beginning *

Take your time! One of the great things about crocheting any kind of critter, is how detailed we can make them. Unfortunately, too often these details are lacking and, while the final product may “resemble” the intended character, it is usually not as accurate as it could be. My advice is to pay attention to the details so that your final product looks very polished. After all, you’ve already spent quite a bit of your time making it so you might as well spent a little longer on your finishing to make it perfect!


(Worked in continuous rounds throughout pattern unless stated otherwise)

            *Use White Yarn*

Row 1: 6sc in magic ring, pull tight (6)

Row 2: 2sc in each st (12)

Row 3: (sc, inc) to end (18)

Row 4: sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 2sc (23)

Row 5: 2sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 4sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 4sc, inc, 2sc (28)

Row 6: sc, inc, 4sc, inc, 5sc, inc, 4sc, inc, 5sc, inc, 4sc (33)

Row 7: 3sc, inc, (7sc, inc) 3 times, 5sc (37)

Row 8: 7sc, inc, (8sc, inc) 3 times, 2 sc (41)

Row 9: 15sc, inc, 20sc, inc, 4sc (43)

Row 10: 10sc, inc, 14sc, inc, 13sc, inc, 3sc (46)

Row 11: 25sc, inc, 20sc (47)

Row 12: 10sc, inc, 36sc (48)

Row 13: sc even (48)

Row 14: 36sc, dec (always use an “invisible” decrease), 10sc (47)

Row 15: 20sc, dec, 25sc (46)

Row 16: 3sc, dec, 13sc, dec, 14sc, dec, 10sc (43)

Row 17: 4sc, dec, 20sc, dec, 15sc (41)

Row 18: 2sc, dec, (8sc, dec) 3 times, 7sc (37)

Row 19: 5sc, dec, (7sc, dec) 3 times, 3sc (33)

Row 20: 4sc, dec, (5sc, dec, 4sc, dec) 2 times, 1sc (28)

*This is the point where I stopped and put in my safety eyes. Use the picture and your judgment for placing. I also start stuffing here so that it can be firmly packed by the end*

Row 21: sc2, dec, (4sc, dec, 3sc, dec) 2 times, 2sc (23)

Row 22: (2sc, dec, 3sc, dec) 2 times, 2sc, dec, 1sc (18)

Row 23: (dec, 1sc) to end (12)

Row 24: *incomplete round* (dec) 4 times, fasten off leaving a long tail.

*Weave the tail through the 4 stitches of the last row and the 4 stitches of the previous row, stuff tightly enough that the head is a taut, perfect sphere but not so tight as to show the stuffing through the fabric, and pull tight to close the opening. Set head aside for now.*


            *Use Light Blue Yarn*

Row 1: sc7 in magic ring, pull tight (7)

Row 2: (inc) to end (14)

Row 3: sc even (14)

Row 4: (dec over 3 stitches, dec over 4 stitches) 2 times (4)

*This part can be a bit fiddly, but be patient. It’s worth it for an accurate representation*

Row 5: 3sc in next st, (4sc in next st) 2 times, 3 sc in next st (14)

Row 6: sc even (14)

*Stuff first section*

Row 7: (dec) to end (7), cut and leave a long tail for finishing. Weave through the last 7 sts, stuff the second section and pull closed tightly.

*Weave the tail through the place between the two sections. Wrap the tail around the middle 2 times and tug to add definition to the mustache. Then weave the tail just enough to keep the wrapped yarn snug but still leave the tail for sewing. Sew the mustache to the face, again using the picture and your judgment for placement.*

*Glue the purple pom pom to the top center of the mustache for the nose*

Bottom Lip

            *Use White Yarn*

Row 1: 4sc in magic ring, tighten (4)

Row 2: sl st, (inc) 2 times, sl st, finish off leaving a long tail.

*Attach to head just below the mustache (no stuffing) with the sl st ‘s touching the head and the sc ‘s facing out. Weave in ends.*


            *Use Medium Blue Yarn*

Row 1: 6sc in magic ring (6)

Row 2: (inc) to end (12)

Row 3: 6sc, (inc) 6 times (18)

Row 4: sc even (18)

Row 5: 6sc, (inc) to end (30)

Row 6-7: sc even (30)

Row 8: 6sc, (sc through the BLO) to end (30)

Row 9: inc, 5sc, inc, 11sc, inc, 11sc (33) sl st in first st to join

*Switch To Dark Blue Yarn*

Row 10: Ch 1 (Counts as first stitch), (sc) to end (33), sl st in first st to join

Row 11: Sc even (33), sl st in first st to join

Row 12: Ch 1 (Counts as first stitch), inc in same st, 6sc, inc, 12sc, inc, (sc) to end (36) join with a            sl st, finish off leaving a long tail for sewing.

*Attach and sew to the center top of the head, stuffing as you go, using the picture and your judgment for placement. Trace a quarter on white felt and cut around for the decal on the hat. Trace a penny on dark blue felt. Using your fabric glue, glue the dark blue felt onto the center of the white felt and then the white felt onto the center front of the hat.

Ears (Make 4)

            *Use White Yarn*

Row 1: 6sc in magic ring (6)

Row 2: (inc) to end (12)

Row 3: 9hdc, 3 sl st (12)

Row 4: *incomplete round* (hdc inc) 4 times, sl st. Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing.

*When all 4 are complete, sew two pieces together with right sides facing out (Sewing 2 pieces together gives the ear a sturdier design and allows them to take a slightly cup shaped form to look like a bear’s ear). Attach and sew to head (no stuffing) just below the hat using the picture and your judgment. Cut two half circles of light blue felt and glue to center of ears.*


            *Use Dark Blue Yarn*

Row 1: Ch 24 and join in a circle (24)

Row 2: sc even (24)

Row 3: (7sc, inc) to end (27)

Row 4: sc even (27)

Row 5: (8sc, inc) to end (30)

Row 6: sc even (30)

Row 7: (9sc, inc) to end (33)

Row 8: sc even (33)

Row 9: (10sc, inc) to end (36)

Row 10-19: sc even (36)

*Flatten piece and separate the body in half, use stitch marker to pin the middle (18 sts for each leg)*

Legs And Boots

Row 1: 18sc *skip the other 18 sts for the second leg* sl st to join the round (18)

Row 2-5: Working only on these 18 sts, sc even (18)

*Switch to medium blue*

Row 6: Sl st even (18)

Row 7: Working in the FLO of Row 5 (last row of dark blue) sc even  (18)

Row 8-9: sc even (18)

Row 10: 14sc, (hdc inc) 2 times, 2sc (20)

Row 11: 14sc, (hdc inc) 4 times, 2sc (24)

Row 12-13: sc even (24) *At the end of row 13, sl st to join to first st and finish off, leaving a tail             for weaving*

*Using the remaining 18 sts, attach the dark blue yarn at the center front and repeat rows 1-9*

Row 10: 2sc, (hdc inc) 2 times, 14sc (20)

Row 11: 2sc, (hdc inc) 4 times, 14sc (24)

Row 12-13: sc even (24) *At the end of row 13, sl st to join to first st and finish off, leaving a tail             for weaving*

Boot Soles (Make 2)

            *Use Dark Blue Yarn*

Row 1: CH 6

Row 2: Insert hook into 2nd back loop from hook, 3sc, 3 sc in last st, 3sc down the other side, 3     sc in last st, sl st to join oval (12)

Row 3: CH1 (counts as 1st sc), 4sc, 5sc in next st, 5sc, (3sc in next st) 2 times, sl st to join (21)

Row 4: CH1 (counts as 1st sc), 6sc, (3sc in next st) 2 times, 8sc, (2sc in next st, 1sc) 2 times (27)

*At the end of row 4, sl st to join to 1st st and finish off leaving a long tail for sewing*


Arms (Make 2)

            *Use White Yarn*

Row 1: 6sc in magic ring, pull tightly to close

Row 2: (inc) 6 times (12)

Row 3-4: sc even (12)

Row 5: 10sc, dec (11)

Row 6: 3sc, dec, 3sc, dec, bobble st (9)

Row 7: sc even (9)

*Change to Dark Blue Yarn*

Row 8-15: sc even (9)

Row 16: 7sc, dec (8)

Row 17: sc even (8)

Row 18: 6sc, dec (7)

Row 19: sc even (7) *join to 1st st with a slip st and finish off leaving a long tail for sewing*



            *Use Medium Blue Yarn*

Row 1: Chain 25

Row 2: Insert hook into 2nd st, 7sc, hdc, 2tc in next st, dc, 2sl st, dc, 2tc in next st, hdc, 8sc, finish off leaving a long tail for sewing.


            *Use Gold Sport or Worsted Weight*

Row 1: 6sc in magic ring, pull tight (6)

Row 2: (inc) to end (12), finish off leaving a long tail for sewing.


Using the picture and your judgment for placement, start sewing your Octonaut together. I’ve already given the instructions for the head assembly because I always get the head together as quick as I can (then I am much more excited to see it finished!) After that, I usually wait until the end for everything else. This is the order I used.

Sew the soles onto the bottoms of the boots. Also sew up the small hole between the legs.

Then stuff the legs firmly using the neck opening and continue stuffing the rest of the body leaving a little room without stuffing at the neck. Start sewing the body to the head. For every 2 or 3 seam stitches, pull tight for a very smooth join. Finish stuffing as you go.

Next, stuff paws and arms firmly towards the bottom but a little less firmly towards the opening (otherwise the arms will stick straight out to the side rather than angled downward) and sew to body just under the head.

Sew collar just under the head. It will be a snug fit to close it and I did that on purpose so that the neck would have extra re-enforcement. Use your sewing to shape the bottom of the collar into two sharp triangular points.

*Finishing Details*

Sew a Chain of 36 sts around the body as a belt. I used the back loops of the chain to sew it to the body. This gave the belt a smooth 3 dimensional shape. I made sure to sew the belt on at an angle to match the television character’s.

Sew the compass on top of the belt towards the side of the body also matching the character’s (be careful to maintain the circular shape while sewing).

Cut a small circle of medium blue felt to fit just inside the round shape of the compass. Using the red embroidery thread and the embroidery needle (sharper point) sew a little arrow. Glue this piece to the compass.

Use a tiny amount of the gold yarn and sew 2 little belt loops on the other side of the body.

Use the black embroidery thread to stitch arrows onto the collar and to stitch a zipper at the center of the chest.

Use the white puffy paint to put the Octonaut Octopus symbol on the hat. Once, dry, I just used a ball point pen to draw he eyes and mouth onto the Octopus symbol. Definitely let the ink dry before touching otherwise it WILL smear.

         Please say hello to your new Captain Barnacles! I hope you enjoy your new Octonaut!

Design by OoKnittyLou


30 Responses to "Octonaut – Captain Barnacles"

i adapted the pattern to make my son a Kwazii and a am working on a Dashie – is it ok if i publish those patterns with a reference to your pattern?

I Need thus in germam

it is very easy when you know the terminology for the stitches in German

I wonder did you buy it from me or you are the one who begged it for free?

What a lovely pattern stollen from the real author. Not very nice, don’t you think? This is my “bread money”, i used to sell MY pattern and earn some money for my kids to have food and one day people just stop buying it. Right, why do you have to buy it if you can get it for free. Thank you so much, now i know the reason why my kids didn’t get Christmas presents because mummy didn’t earn enough money… Enjoy your fake creativity knowing that you made 2 little kids very sad.

What is the approximate height of the finished product?

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Thanks for the pattern! My son loves the Octonauts and will be receiving this for Easter. 🙂 However, I’m having trouble with Row 2 of the boot soles.. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but the 3 sc and the 3 sc in same stitch are only covering 4 of the 5 stitches that are left along the row. What am I doing wrong? I added an extra stitch to a boot sole I made previously, but it looks too big…

Free pattern thanks~!!

What size hook do you use? I couldn’t find it listed.

You should use 2 sizes smaller than the yarn calls for in order to eliminate any holes through which stuffing may show.

My kids love octonauts and will love their own captain barnacles. Would it be ok to make and sell these? I would link back to here for pattern and not pass off as my own. If not I will just make for ourselves then. Thanks for sharing!

I hope you make many of these for many children and that you link back here. That’s all awesome!! However, I have to ask you not to sell the finished projects. Octonauts is a brand and design that is an owned and trademarked Disney character. If you were to sell them and ever be “found out” you could be in big trouble. Normally I’d say that we are talking such a small scale that they wouldn’t care, but I am familiar with 2 designers on Ravelry who had to take down all of their patterns and were threatened by the owners. That is why I offered it free. If I don’t make a profit, I can’t get in trouble. Otherwise, I would have tried to make money on it too. Trust me! It was a lot of work to offer for free 🙂 ~B

Thanks. I made one for my son and he loves it. But changed my mind anyway on the selling thing. It took a lot of work to make. Thanks for offering the pattern here.

I’m glad you liked it 🙂 And your son!

Of course it was a lot of work, copy paste is hard to press, right? You are such a lovely creater. Thank you atlist for not letting to sell the toys wich made from MY pattern. You havent even change a bit! And i am sure you know a lot about trademarks that why you not scared to share all this patterns for free. Sure all other authors are so pleased with you too…

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yeah wonderful. i just found a pattern for peso now this…will make a fun set

Do you have a link to the Peco pattern? My Grandson loves The Octonaunts. 😀

This is just awesome. Thank you so much for the pattern. I plan on making one of these for my nephew for Christmas. 🙂

Thank you!! My daughter will love this

The detail you put into your pattern is awesome.

So glad the pattern is finally here. My son will be thrilled! Thank you very much!

Looking forward to the pattern…was disappointed it’s not here……

Captain Barnacles now available 🙂

Wow! That was fast! I can’t thank you enough! Getting started now 🙂

prachtig gemaakt

thank you so much for the pattern. I’m going to start working on it right away . My friends baby boy is going to love it. Thanks again😃

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