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A Day At The Zoo

Posted on: July 30, 2011

Our family was kind enough to gift an annual zoo membership to us this last Christmas and we have been fortunate to use it often. Jack LOVES the zoo.

From Jack Snapshots 3-4
From Jack Snapshots 3-4

My mom came with us and we had an entire day filled with fun and fur-balls!

From Jack Snapshots 3-4

I have the cutest kid in the entire world! Every time we go, he looks at the map and decides where we are going to go first. This time it was the kangaroos, then the elephants (my favorite) and the giraffes (Jack’s favorite).

From Jack Snapshots 3-4

We had snacks and slurpies by the sea lions and it was a blast. The animals were all making a ton of noise and sunbathing right next to us.

From Jack Snapshots 3-4

And we got to see the hippo for the first time since Jack has been going. (I was way more excited it about it than Jack was though..)

From Jack Snapshots 3-4

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