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Hats For Newborns

Posted on: July 13, 2011

Alrighty, so while my life can tend to already be pretty hectic, I have just added another project. My best friend of many years just had her baby as you all already probably know and she mentioned that she received a hand-knit hat for Miss Lily before they were discharged from the hospital. I spoke to a NICU nurse for Littleton Adventist Hospital ( )here in Littleton CO and asked her if they are looking for donations. She said yes, absolutely. So, I’ve decided to knit hats and recruit as many of my friends to do the same as I can. I’ve already received support and promises of hats from Alicia and Laura. I’d like to add to that list, so please please donate your time and talents. My goal is to make as many hats as possible and to donate the package to the hospital before the weather gets very chilly. September maybe? There are a few stipulations per the NICU nurse.

1. No natural animal fibers (allergies & sensitive skin) A soft acrylic is prefered.
2. No chunky yarns. A fingering, dk, or sport weight is prefered.
3. Please make the hat stretchy. (Choose your patterns wisely) They want hats for the preemies as well as the healthy roly-poly full terms.

I’m sure that you all already have your prefered pattern resource, but I will link a few pattern that I am going to use myself. They are all free, therefore, there may be mild errors or inconsistencies. If you happen to come across one, please comment an errata here as well as notify the designer.

From The Life and Whimsies of Knitty Lou

Photo & pattern courtesy of

From The Life and Whimsies of Knitty Lou

Photo & pattern courtesy of

Thanks to everyone who will help me to make this possible. Please post pics of your finished projects and when you are ready to get your donations to me, please just give me comment here or send me an email and we can figure it out.


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