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Oliver the Office Monster

Posted on: July 7, 2011



OMG! I have completely fallen in love with Rebecca Danger’s “The Big Book of Knitted Monsters”. I want to knit every single monster in it as well as a few that she has on her Etsy page that are not (yet, hopefully) published. I do have to say that her pattern was a little challenging. I am not the greatest at magic loop and was, therefore, thrown for a loop (pun, of course, intended). But, I kept at it and now have this adorable creature to show for it! Even with the challenges, I still had him knit in 3 days of sporadic knitting. (It has taken me a few days to attach body parts though) I know these pics aren’t the best quality, (Camera phone) but I will post some that are better when I can. I just finished him about 15 minutes ago and just couldn’t wait to show him off 🙂



Error? I hate to say there’s an error because I am by no means a knitting genius like most designers, but on the ARMS, I had to change the pattern in order to make it work out. So I’m posting the correction more as a Note-To-Self than a fact for others.

R37: K6, K1f&b, knit to end. (16 sts)
R38: Knit all sts.
R39: K7, K1f&b, knit to end. (18 sts)
R49: (K2tog, K5) twice. (12 sts)

Yarn: Caron simply Soft Brites
Needles: US 4 – 3.5 mm

Designer: Rebecca Danger
Pattern: Harold the Houseplant Monster


2 Responses to "Oliver the Office Monster"

You are awesome! I love Oliver!
I need to see more monsters!

Absolutely! Thanx for the comments.

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