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Holy Cow! I’m Back!

Posted on: July 6, 2011

Okay, so long time no talk. Our home computer crashed and we’ve been unable to replace it. But thanks to an amazing guy who is a computer genius, we have it back. Although at the moment, ironically, I’m typing this from the office on my lunch. Go figure 😛

So, this is as brief of a synopsis I can possibly give you.

#1 My son is now 3! I can’t believe it. His birthday was in May and we had an awsome BBQ party with the most important thing a child of 3 can have. A bouncy house! Jack is quite the goober lately and we are having so much fun. He has such a personality and is ornery as all get-out.

From Jack Snapshots 3-4

#2 My nephew Connor is now 1. His birthday was also in May and my sister did an amazing job of making him the (second) sweetest boy ever.

From Connor James

#3 My niece was born! Miss Lily Grace met the world June 19th and she is a peach.

From Lily Grace

#4 One of my very best friends Alicia (who moved to Chile last summer) came to the states for a month long visit and we had a great time. I’ve missed here sooo much. Our boys are only a year apart and we had the opportunity to get them together.

From Jack Snapshots Age 2

#5 I have (finally) learned to crochet pretty successfully and have successfully completed a few projects. For now you only get one picture.

From Crochet Projects

#6 I went to the Ozzy concert this Spring with box seats at the Pepsi Center and of course, it was AMAZING! Rock on Ozzy, freaking rock on!

From Ozzy 2011

#7 Laura and I attended the Estes Park Wool Market again this summer and again enjoyed it immensely.

From Eates Park Wool Market 2011

#8 I have become quite the baker. Blueberry Pie from Needled To Death by Maggie Sefton.

From Baking

#9 One of our babies went to a new home. Tonks was never quite happy after our son was born but we found a perfect situation with a really sweet girlfriend.

From Dogs

#10 I’m still a knitting fiend and have completely so many projects that it’s hard to pick just one for this post, but here it is.

From Knitting Projects

#11 Out of order I know, but Jasmine and I threw an AWESOME baby shower for Miss Jenny (see #3). Planning it took up most of my Spring but it was completely worth it!

From Lily's Baby Shower 5-07-11

#12 Nick is great and thoroughly enjoying that Jack is old enough to fish and play ball. He has a new job and seems to be very happy!

From Jack Snapshots 3-4

Okay. Phew! I think that’s most of the major events. I’ll continue to add as I think of them. I also promise to post all of my projects from the last year but bit by bit seeing as I have a ton. And hopefully I’ll be posting much more regularly.


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