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Must Get Better ASAP Wool Market Is Near

Posted on: June 3, 2010

Okay, so I am super sick. (Possible sinus infection?) I even left work an hour and a half early yesterday and went straight to bed. Aka: No knitting AND no reading. I shock even myself at times. I have an email into my doctor which was promised to be replied to within one business day. I sent the email at 10:26am yesterday and I will not be a very happpy camper if I do not hear back by 10:25am today. Since I’m missing work again today, it is truly imperative that I know how to get myself better or go in for an appointment so that my doctor can get me better. I don’t like to miss work and I always end up feeling guilty and worrying about leaving the girls’ hanging and then I have trouble resting due to said guilt. It’s all around a vicious cycle. So all in all, I’m waiting for my response email!

The main reason (although work IS important) is because my trip is next week. Now I don’t mean to make it sound like a full vacation because it’s actually like a long weekend. It’s the Estes Park Wool Market 2010.

<a href="“>Wool Market Info.

This time last year, I went to my first Stitch ‘N’ Bitch. There were a bunch of older women and they were all talking about going. I thought they were all nuts! (Now keep in mind I hadn’t been knitting for very long and I was a very naive knitter back then) Someone even offered to take me and bring me home. All I could think was OMG these crazy knitters want to abduct me and probe me with their insane yarnliness. No way, no how.

Guess what? Now I am a crazy knitter who is trying to probe all of the non-knitters in my life with my yarnliness. My how things change when one becomes addicted to knitting. As I’ve mentioned in the past, “My name is Brandi. I’m a yarn-a-holic and I need help.” I know AA can be used for all addictions, but I think a yarn-a-holic (also known as a crazed woman with two long pointed sticks) might be committed to ensure the safety of the other attendees. Just a thought.

Laura and I are leaving early Friday morning to head up to Estes and then we plan to hit the grocery store and get plenty of yummy inexpensive food and then spend the day exploring. We are going to stay as frugal as we can, that way we can have the most amount of money possible for yarn! I love having a friend who recognizes the possibilities the way I do. We are not taking any classes but definitely plan on shopping Saturday and Sunday. I am trying to dwindle my queue down that way I have a list of what I’m shopping for with gauge, fiber, and quantity information at hand. Otherwise I’m afraid my stash will once again grow with no possible way to shrink back down in the future. My husband loves me, but he has his limits and yarn exploding all over our house might quite possibly send him over the edge.


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