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Posted on: May 26, 2010

I finished “How To Knit A Love Song” by Rachel Herron yesterday. It was a sweet, quick read. As the story unfolded, it was obvious that this was the first book by this author, but as the story progressed, I began to enjoy it much more. There are a few things that I absolutely loved. The first being the main male character does not fit the usual “prince charming” characterization, instead he is stubborn and cruel half of the time. The second being the locale and the main female character living her dream of starting and running a yarn shop. There were also a few things I did not like. One of those was the over-use of foreshadowing throughout the story. It became extremely predictable. Another was a sprained ankle. This is one of what I believe to be the biggest cliche in romance novels, and to make it worse, the hero arrived on horse back. It’s little things like this that cause my eyes to roll as I’m reading and usually prevent me to reread a romance novel.

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I also finished Eclipse yesterday. I have been listening to it in audio book format and then reading it in book form when I’m not in my car. I just want to throw in here that I LOVE audio books. I load them onto my IPod and they become imperative when cleaning house and I listen to them in the car which allows me about two more hours of book time during the day, between my short commute and the lunch hour. Another reason I love them, is because I can knit and read (so to speak) together at once. Who doesn’t love that?

Okay so just a quick review on this one since it is a re-read. I enjoyed this novel the first time I read it, but the anxiety of wanting to know what would happen next definitely hid some of the foreshadowing and fine details. Reading the thorugh this second time allowed me to take more notice of those and to truly apreciate Stephenie Meyer’s vision even better. As I spoke of cliches earlier, this series is full of them, but somehow the violence, mystery, and paranormal creatures keep the readers eyes from rolling our of her head. I am very excited to see the film which is what encouraged me to re-read this one. I am a firm believer that everyone should read a novel prior to seeing the film, tv series, play, etc. I think that if the book is read first, then the reader/ viewing will base there opinions on the authors vision and passion since it is the author, after all, who imagined everything in the first place.


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