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Ashley Helling’s Stop Motion Project

Posted on: March 10, 2010

DISCLAIMER **First of all, this character is designed, crafted, and copyrighted to Ashley D. Helling and NOONE has permission to distribute these photos or any information provided here.**

Okay, that sounds scary. I DO have permission from Ash to post this stuff on my blog, but a little monster within my imagination is terrified that someone will be cruel and claim her hard and beautiful work as their own.

Sooo. Here’s the project. My sister Ashley is designing and creating a stop motion doll to resemble one of her favorite (Mine too) characters. This character is based on herself and the similarilities are actually quite accurate and even funny at times 🙂 How am I involved you may ask? I have a very, very small role of knitting a recreation of her favorite beanie for the doll. I was so flattered and super excited when she asked me to help. I am so proud of my sister for everything she has and has yet to accomplish and I am glad for an opportunity to contribute and support her. I decided to knit 2 or 3 different versions of this beanie so that she can choose which she likes best. Here are some progress pictures so far, and be sure that there will be plenty more to come!

Ash gave me this drawing as an initial character design to see how she wants the beanie to be worn.

Ash helped me measure the early version of the doll’s head with wire body structure.

I cast on 52 stitches using US #1 and sock yarn from my stash.

I used 2×2 ribbing for the brim to make sure it would stretch over the doll’s ears like the design drawing.

I increased 2 stitches in the first stockinette row to make it even for future decreasing.

I used 6 decrease lines to make the first version of the beanie.

Ash painted the head and started experimenting with the eyeballs.

Ash molded her tennis shoes. They are so identical, that at first I thought she had taken a photo of her own shoes and sent it to me for some odd reason.

I think I want to purchase a set of US #000 dpns and possibly use lace weight or embroidery thread to knit the second version. The stitches in the first version will probably be quite large for the proportions. I also think that I will use a provisional cast on in order to avoid the ribbing since her hat is lined and therefore doesn’t need the ribbing. I featured this video of Althea Crome, the minature knitter who hand-knit the wardrobe for Coraline in this post.

Ashley can be found online at Deviant Art as Synesthudio and as praetorianrhapsody. Both accounts feature very different stuff, including sculpture, wood crafting, drawing, painting, animation, writing, and much much more. She can also be found on Facebook.


2 Responses to "Ashley Helling’s Stop Motion Project"

Absolutely amazing. I’m VERY impressed.

Thanx again.

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