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Earth Maiden 1

Posted on: January 21, 2010


I finally cast on the intimidating 323 stitches for the Earth Maiden shawl by Ilga Leja in the Done Roving Tapping Tootsies sock weight yarn. It’s Superwash Merino/ Bamboo & Nylon and the color is “Cardinals In The Pines”. There are 434 yards per hank. I knit a pattern swatch the same day that I purchased the yarn but just now wet blocked it. Although I am super excited to knit with this yarn I have a few worries. First, is that my project is the only one on Ravelry with this yarn and it has only been stashed 6 times besides me. Second, is that it is very pricey at $19.25 a hank for an unknown yarn. And third, the dye bled when I wound it into a ball as well as when I washed the swatch quite excessively. Bleeding is a large concern of mine because the best way to contain the color is to soak the project in vinegar, which I am unfortunately allergic to. My friend Molly has offered to wash it for me, but the problem is I still have to block it. And speaking of blocking, I definately need to purchase lace blocking wires for this shawl.

I will update either an FO or progress depending on how long this takes. And hopefully my yarn worries will go by the way side because the FO will turn out really well and then my project will be a beautiful portrayal of this hand dyed yarn…

I did a bit more research on this yarn company and found both good and bad things out. Bad first. They also sell their animals meat. Ew gross. I would prefer to support fleece farms who do not kill the lovely animals I like to knit from. And now for the good. I am in fact NOT the first person to knit with this yarn on Ravelry. The label says Tapping Tootsees, but genius me typed in Tootsies. And obviously I am not the only one, as it is actually listed that way on Ravelry as well. There are 6 other people besides myself who either are or have used this yarn. 4 of those people have pictures and comments up and 2 of those said they are having trouble with the yarn bleeding. I think I may PM the other 2 with FOs and ask them if it stopped bleeding once it had a bath.


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