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Rant About A LYS!

Posted on: January 20, 2010

I went to a LYS near Nick’s shop yesterday afternoon and was APALLED to be treated the way I was! It was too old women working and both had a chip on their shoulder. Now, if this was the first time I had been treated this way, I would brush it off as being a bad day, but I’ve already done that twice! This time, I had had enough! I sent the owner an email this morning just to get this horrible experience to get out of my head. This is it.

My name is Brandi and I was in the shop yesterday afternoon. I was the one that told the owner that every time I come in, I have been talked down to and treated poorly. I want to know why that is. I am a respectable patron of all of my LYS’s and I spend a significant amount of my income on such yarn and supplies. I wanted the cashmere yarn that your center display was knit out of and loved it so much I would have paid anything for it. Although I asked to see it, I was told, first that it was cashmere (duh, I’m a knitter NOT an idiot!) and expensive. Then I was told that it was $50.00 a skein. And lastly I was told that the sweater would have cost $300.00 to knit and I was not allowed to see it. At what point in our not-so-friendly conversation did I ask about price? So here is my question.

1.) Do you NOT want people to spend money that keeps you in business, or is it that fact that I was the youngest patron in the store by at least 25 years?

Either way, you lost quite a sale and many future purchases. And for your information, of all of the knitters I know personally, the ones who spend the most money on yarn are the women and men closest to my age. I will review your business on every search engine possible and I hope that maybe you will stop treating yound patrons with this kind of disrepect and judgement.

And just as I promised, I have reviewed the store with an honestly awful account of my experience there on both Google and Bing as well as and Yelp

I don’t understand these people with the mentality YOUNG=MALICIOUS. Especially because I have always been considered too old for my age and very mature. I felt as though they thought I was some criminal with a yarn vengence! I spoke to one of my best friends about the experience and she said that a very similar thing happens to her there and then she went in a second time with her mother-in-law and they were nice. That just proved my point! Showers of Flowers, BE DAMNED!


3 Responses to "Rant About A LYS!"

Ugh, why am I not surprised? We get complaints about that store all the time. Though they’ve always been very nice to me, I have a feeling I intimidate them, they leave me well alone and only talk to me when I get to the register… 😦 They do really seem to have a prejudice against young people.

Erg! They sure are. But maybe the reviews will keep new people from setting foot in there. And because I am one who believes that we do not have the right to complain unless we take the responsibilty to compliment. I will be complimenting AKP on all of those websites and my blog. You guys deserve it. It was almost culture shock compared to AKP where everyone is always welcome and never judged that I have ever seen. See you Friday??

Hell yeah I’ll be there Friday (tomorrow)! I’m bringing my wheel too so you can play around with it 🙂

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