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Posted on: December 22, 2009

Today is my day to clean house. This entails my checklist (organized by room, in a slip cover, and crossed off progressively with a dry erase marker) and a whole crap load of cleaning supplies. When it comes to cleaning my house, I do not choose the green way either. I want Bleach, 409, Windex, Lysol, Febreeze, Comet, and paper towels. Otherwise, it just doesn’t seem clean. (Sorry mother nature, I will knit extra fleeces into more of our clothing to make up for it.) So I have a routine that takes me from room to room, and I even have it organized so that some things are while Jack’s awake and the others are while he naps. We had a few road blocks today however. First, I’m out of 2 of the neccesary cleaning supplies. Second, my child morphed (yet again) into a creature from outter space and wouldn’t take a nap. And third, the creature mentioned prior decided to turn an entire can of Diet Coke upside down on my couch. Really… Erg… I still tried to pick up the house the best that I could with a psycho alien raiding my house, but came pretty darn close to losing the battle of planets. At one pount, I had cleaned the entire front room and went into our bedroom to make our bed. Seriously, 5 minutes! When I came out, this is what I saw


Now what was it I said last night about a rubber room? He has since FINALLY fallen asleep and I will yet again try to redo and finish my house so that I can hopefully finish my knitting and block 5 projects. And maybe I’ll recover my universal remote control that works EVERYthing out of one of his many black holes…

One last thing to add, my alien is a dance-a-holic and every time my phone rings the Owl City Fireflies song, this is how he breaks it down. Enjoy, but don’t be deceived. There is truly an unnatural being buried deep beneath all of those layers of cute…



So wish me luck. I have the KIPing It Real podcast ready to listen to on my IPOD and a now sleeping alien. Let’s clean house!!


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