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Third and Final Class = Success!

Posted on: November 19, 2009

As my title says, my third and last class was tonight. My students were all either half-way finished or completely finished. I am so pleased! Although the pattern had been interpretted differently, all of the results were beautiful. Through teaching this first class, I now have a second opportunity to teach again and I am super excited about it! This has been such a fun experience. There are now 4 new knitters initiated into the Knitter’s Secret Society and a reborn knitter as well! In this final class, we went over K2tog, SSK, KFB, YO, and seaming. As well as washing by hand and blocking finished objects. We took some pictures tonight too. I have full confidence that each and every woman in my class will be successful in finishing their scarves (if they aren’t already) and their hats.




1 Response to "Third and Final Class = Success!"

i am so jealous of your new phone lol i want that one so bad lol what do you think if it. your gonna have to make me one of the covers that you made for yours for me if i get one lol. im lovin all the stuff you are knitting it all looks amazing.

i love you bran and i cant wait to see you on thursday!

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