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New Moon Read-A-Long Chaps. 1-4

Posted on: November 8, 2009

Okay so for all of you who are doing the read-a-long with me before the film release dat of Nov. 20th here is the Ravelry group who is hosting all of the discussion questions. They have broken the book up into 4 chapter increments. I am finished with Chapter 11 (A little ahead of schedule, but I can’t help it. It’s hard to put it down)

Twilight Saga Fans Book Club: Questions by hollye

CHAPTERS 1-4 Discussion Questions

1. Do you see any good that comes out of Edward leaving?

2. Why does Bella believe Edward so quickly?

3. Do you think Edward did the right thing by leaving?

4. Do you think Bella’s birthday blues is justified or is she being unreasonable?

5. Was Bella’s reaction to Edward’s leaving an overreaction?

6. What were your first thoughts when Bella heard Edward’s voice?

7.Did you think he had come back or they had some sort of special way of communicating?

(I’ll post my answers in the comments. Please join in.)


1 Response to "New Moon Read-A-Long Chaps. 1-4"

I’m not sure if we should answer these question by question or if we can take it any direction, so I’ll just wing it.

I understand where Bella’s birthday blues are coming from. I think it’s probably akward for a teenage girl to be in a relationship with a “younger” teenager whereas it is not so taboo the other way.

As for Edward leaving, I think that in his heart he was truly doing the right thing and was trying to keep Bella safe, but I think that he had not been human for such a long time, that he had forgotten what a human connection truly entails. Although 3 or 4 months of depression and loneliness is just a blink of an eye for him, it is a lifetime for the typical teenager.

Bella’s reaction to Edward leaving is what I believe to be the reason that many readers were turned off to the Twilight saga. It bothered me on a few different levels, but I think it should just be realized that it is still just a story and not true life. The fact that an 18 year old had already devoted her entire life to a significant other is a little extreme to me and then the fact that Bella went into this huge depression over it was even worse. As a reader enjoying a story it was fine and almost critical to stress their love, but to the primary age group who read the saga, I think it may be setting a bad message. I worry that teenage girls may be mislead as to what is healthy in a relationship at that age.

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