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New Moon Read-A-Long Chaps 5-8

Posted on: November 8, 2009

Chapters 5-8 Discussion questions

1. What meaning do you find in Bella’s nightmare?

2. What do you think Bella’s motivations were for wanting to be reckless? Did she just want to hear Edward’s voice again or was it more than that?

3. Bella tells Billy as soon as she goes to the Blacks for the first time that she’ll be around so much they’ll get sick of her. Did she give Jake the wrong impression about their relationship right off the bat?

4. Why do you think Bella is so immediately comfortable at La Push?

5. Bella intends to spend her college money because she doesn’t want to live anywhere but Forks. Do you think she really intended to live there forever with Charlie?

6. How did you expect the Cullen house to look when Bella goes to see it? Were you surprised?

7. Did Bella replace the numbness with Jake as her way to cope with her loss? Was this fair to Jake?

8. What were your first thoughts about the La Push gang?

9. Did you see more clues to Jacob’s coming tranformation upon rereading? Did you pick up on the importance of the “bear sightings”?

10. What did you think of Bella’s plan to find the meadow? Was it right for her to enlist Jake’s help without telling him anything about its significance?


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