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Bella’s Mittens and First Class

Posted on: November 5, 2009

Okay, first off, I finished Bella’s mittens on Monday. They truly came out beautiful. I love love love them and have already cast on a second pair for someone special. The pattern itself was pretty simple but knit up so quick that I never completely memorized it, therefore, it was necessary to follow the directions line by line. I blocked them flat and only pinned the front stockinette section on the bottom and they look perfect except for the fact that they are just a hair too large blocked. I’m just going to reblock it and I’m sure it will fix the problem since they were a hair too snuck pre-block.




Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed Aran (2 balls)

And now for the best thing….. I taught my first knitting class last night and it was awsome! I am fortunate enough to have previously met 3 of the 4 women and they were all such a joy. They picked up the stitches so quickly and by the time we got to cast on, they were pros! We went over the cast on, the knit stitch (garter), the purl stitch (stockinette). how to tink, and of course frogging. We also briefly talked about fiber differences, how to wind a ball from a hank, and online resources for them at home including and youtube. I forgot to get permission and take 1 or 2 pictures, so I will do my very best to remember next week. We should be answering any questions they had through the week on what they learned last night, going over reverse stockinette, joining the yarn (color changes, and adding same), ribbing, and casting off. The third week I would like to jump into increases and decreases and possibly seaming and blocking. The last two things may need to be pushed out to a fourth week depending on of we can stay on schedule. Thank you to everyone who wished me luck and supported me through my pre-class jitters. And I will be sure to keep you posted on their progress next week 🙂

*Read-a-long* I am now a chapter and a half behind in New Moon, but I am planning on catching up tonight. I didn’t have time yesterday with work and my class. Also, two of the werewolves will be at Park Meadows mall Hot Topic and Nordstroms and 7:30pm and of course, my little inner-fourteen year old self butt will be there 🙂


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