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We’ve Been Duped

Posted on: October 22, 2009

Okay so like the title says, I think we’ve been duped by none other than our son. After our whole emergency on Tuesday, I would have thought that recovery would be slow and progressive. Boy was I wrong. Yesterday he was mostly back to normal and today he is totally back to normal. I wonder if he actually did have the flu and the more I thought about it, they didn’t even test for it. They just said that he had it. Why didn’t I ask more questions? I hate it when I get so overwhelmed that I can’t think straight! So we are home with him quaratined, which is probably a good idea since I have a headache and a mild sore throat.

As you all probably know by now, my husband can NOT keep a secret. We bought Jack a 4 piece tent for Christmas but Nick couldn’t resist getting it out today since our poor, darling son is couped up with no one to play with. He is way too much of a softey. So, as I’m typing, Jack is rolling around with toys and juice in his new tent.




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