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Posted on: October 22, 2009

Yesterday was by far the worst day of my life. My son was acting a little sick. He was really sleepy and whiney, but nothing that lead me to believe it was anything more than a cold. He had a low-grade temperature that never spiked over 101* and I just tried to keep him hydrated and let him rest all day. And then the scariest moment of my life occured. Jack had a fibrial seizure. I was changing his diaper and reaching into the drawer to grab his tylenol and he started convulsing. I had to call 911 and I would love to say that I remained calm and handled things perfectly but as any mom out there already knows, that was not how it happened. An ambulance took us to the hospital and monitored him for a few hours and checked his throat, ears, and nose and determined that he has the flu. They were much more concerned about the flu then the seizure. They explained that it was an unfortunate but normal thing in small children who have fevers that spike very quickly. My only problem with this, is that it didn’t spike quickly and although his temp read 102* at the hospital, it was never higher than 101* all day at home.

So, the seizure was terrifying but did not harm him at all and he has the flu and is contagious for 4-6 days. So the pediatrician on staff prescribed Tamiflu for him to start last night which we did and after 3 hours of his dose, he barfed for the rest of the night. Poor baby! He kept down his dose this morning though and I hope he keeps it down in the future. Vomit is the grossest thing EVER!

As of yet, Nick and I have no symptoms, but we are staying home quaratined until Monday just to be safe and not infect anyone else. Jack is mostly back to his normal self today. Besides him getting tired and clingy when it gets close to his next dose of meds, he is playing and even eating the BRATT diet and drinking gatorade. I’m so glad. I hate to see my baby sick. There is nothing worse in the world. Hopefully today is a sign of things to come and his health keeps improving…


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