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Birthday Goodness Part 2

Posted on: October 2, 2009

Tonight was Knit Night once again and I must say I got quite a surprise while I was there. Let me start at the beginning though… So, I have been begging my husband for a Lantern Moon Maya bag for weeks. I even emailed him a link to the site where it could be purchased online. (A not so subtle hint I know). Over the weeks, I watched the online stock dwindle down to the “Out of Stock” label knowing that he had not purchased it. My husband is not very good at keeping a gift secret. But then to my delight, my LYS started to carry them. Each visit to my LYS involved me counting the bags and watching the stock dwindle. Especially the color I wanted most. Finally, tonight, I go into my LYS and it’s gone. I told one of the gals that my husband was an idiot and he had waited too long.

Not 5 minutes later, one of the women working brings out a Maya bag in the teal that I wanted that is stuffed to the brim with yarny goodness and announces that my husband had come in earlier and bought it for my birthday. Whoops. This is what I call a “Foot-In-Mouth” moment. My “idot” husband really wasn’t an idiot after all. I will never live this down I’m afraid. I am so shocked that he not only bought the bag, but stuffed it too. How lucky can a girl get?



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