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Posted on: September 22, 2009

The hubby, my son and I all went to a local end-of-summer festival this past weekend and we had a blast. I have every year since 1997 and my husband and I have made it a tradition for the last 3 years. It’s always fun to see all of the local dance studios and karate gyms putting on little tidbits of what they have been working on and there a tons of crafters selling their wares (which, oviously, is my very favorite part) I saw 2 booths of crocheted hats and warm-ups and 1 booth of knitted and felted bags. They were super cute and each one had the most gorgeous buttons I have ever seen. Only after I asked her where she found such sweet buttons did I realize that it was probably rude to ask an artist to give her secrets away, but she kindly just said Ebay. I may have to go on a hunt to find such beautiful buttons for my Classica Coat. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I finally finished Jack’s “Flusi the Sock Monster” socks and I think they came out quite well. I altered this pattern quite a bit while working on the first sock. There were either mistakes in the pattern or I was doing something wrong, so I fixed it my way 🙂 Although I love the colors and texture of this yarn, I did run into one snag. The yarn said it was machine washable, but even in cold water on the most delicate cycle, it fuzzed up a bit. Luckily I checked it half-way through the wash and finished washing it by hand. No matter what the label says, I don’t think I’ll be putting it back in the machine. Also, the label says it’s dryer proof, but being as these are my first completed pair of socks and I am overly proud and excited about them, I will not be testing it out.

Onto some bittersweet news. As I may have mentioned in earlier posts, I am returning to my old job as optician this week. My first day is tomorrow. This is both very exciting and stressful for me for a few reasons. It’s exciting because I loved my job (granted this “love” does not include the short time while I had to take Jack with me during which I may have temporarily went insane) but it is extremely stressful because I have now put my child into daycare. A patient and friend of mine recommended a wonderful woman whom my husband and I both like very much and she cares for children that are all pretty close to Jack’s age in her home. I have mixed feelings about this however. His first day was yesterday and I went insane, bawling at the drop of a hat ALL day long. During his nap time I cried because I couldn’t cuddle with him, during his lunch time, I was upset because I wasn’t sure if he was eating enough, etc. You get the point. To make it worse, when I finally picked him up, she told me that he cried all day and was miserable. I guess I though he would just want to play with all of the new toys and be happy. It breaks my heart to realize that I was wrong. I know that it will take time for the both of us to adjust but yikes. This is awful (I’m in tears just typing about it now) He will have to go 4 days a week while I’m working and I want him to be happy. What should I do to make it easier for him? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.


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Knowing I don’t have any kids, I am probably at no liberty to state this. But, knowing that I have many friends and family who have youngsters, I know this worked for them. My best friend who had to go back to work after 4 years of being a stay at home mommy, used this advice. See if your new daycare provider can accomidate it of course. But, she made a video of herself singing to her son, Trenton, and the day care played that for him, everytime he freaked out. Eventually, they didn’t need to play it as often and he didn’t need the reassurance. Also, sending him with something of his own, I have heard works. He will have to get used to this. And you will too. And I know its difficult right now, but I know you can get through it. BTW, I don’t think she should have told you he cried all day. Even if he did. It only makes you feel more distraught and upset. Plus, she should understand that all children who are away from their parents have an adjustment period. He will get through this.

Hope this idea works for you…

See you Friday!
hill 🙂

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