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Toddler Curiousity = A Knitter’s Nightmare

Posted on: September 17, 2009

Hello all. I apologize for my lack of bloggy goodness the last few weeks. I have been trying to knit as much as possible because I am determined to get through my WIPs. So… I knit like a crazy woman on my WIPs and then get bored of the same projects and start two more. Ugh! There is, seriously, a connection missing in my central nervous system. There is no other possible reason for my actions! I complain about my impending pile of WIP doom, yet I make it worse. I think I’ll call this “lack of connectivity” the Knitter’s Plague.

So as for my WIPs.

The Classica Coat is coming along quite well. I have now finished the entire back and am now trying to complete the 22″ hood extension of the lace repeat pattern, which is very tedious and has led to my branching out into new projects.

The Felted Tote has had no progress in the last few weeks and still sits at the 25% marker in my Ravelry.

The Bubble Gum Beauty Scarf (Also known as the “Walmart” scarf) has also, unfortunately, had no progress except to switch it to a stitch holder in order to use my bamboo US 10s on the Clasica hood extension.

My first pair of socks has only had a little bit of progress and it almost to the toe decreases on the first sock.

My knitted sweatshirt now has a completed back but has officially been put to sleep since I am now using those needles for my Clasica coat. I’ll post pics of this when I take it out of the bottom of my stash box.

Jack’s Blanket has resurfaced in my WIP pile from the bottom of my stash box as my TV watching project so I can stop goofing up and frogging my more difficult projects. Again, I’ll post pics later.

Now onto my NEW projects (Again I blame the KNitter’s Plague).

The first is the Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman . Now I am sure that many of you have knitted this project over the years and found it to be a perfectly peaceful knitting experience. I, on the other hand, have not been so fortunate. Between the pattern not being line by line which I’m used to and my son sabotaging this piece or the yarn as often as toddlerly possible, let’s just say that if I don’t finish it soon, I may show up on Halloween dressed as Mr. Clean because I have pulled out every last strand of hair on my head (which I’m positive would probably be noticeably lumpy if I were indeed bald). This morning for example, I’m knitting away happily (finally past the point of grumbling at poor EZ) and I go to tug for more yarn for the next row, and I can’t. Why can’t I you ask? Because somehow ,very sneakily I might add, my son had pulled the remainder of the ball of yarn out of my coffee can yarntainer and wrapped himself up with it. Not gently around his arms either. He had it in between his fingers and toes, caught around the button of his shorts, and over his ears. He was happy as a clam until I started unraveling the yarn and he realized that he couldn’t stand up to run away because his legs were tangled too tightly. That was the moment when my precious son morphed into a wiggly worm with a baaaddd temper. By the time I had finally untangled the whole mess, I had dropped ten stitches off my needles. Normally, this isn’t too big of a deal, however, the two scenarios where I HATE picking up dropped stitches is cables and garter stitch. For those of you who have knit this jacket already know, the entire thing is garter stitch! Again went the grumbling to the poor, unsuspecting, and sadly departed EZ. This pattern might be genius, but it is definitely NOT toddler-proof. But I keep reminding myself that paybacks can make a tough experience worth it, and my poor poor son will be plagued of this jacket until the last possible moment when it no longer fits. Unfortunately for him, because I made it larger, it should fit him for a good long time. Ah ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

My second new project is a pair of socks for my WIP sabotaging son, but I am in no hurry to finish them and I will make sure to make those “away from home” projects. I purchased 1 skein of the Regia Flusy the Sock Monster yarn. The yarn is sweet but the story book that comes with it makes the whole experience a fun one. I think that these socks with the book will be fun gifts to give the children in my life in the future.

As usual, my projects can be found on my Ravelry page at

I think that’s it for my knitting. Briefly on my life in the real world. Jack will start daycare on Monday, I am returning to my previous job as Optician on Wednesday four days a week, and I am anxious and stressed about both of these new life changes. I’m sure that once our new routine is established, things will mellow out and I will feel better about putting my son in daycare. But as for the moment, I feel like I’ve won the worst mother’s award by abandoning my son. I am determined to stay optimistic and I just keep reminding myself that he will love to play with all of the other children and that this will be a great experience for him.


1 Response to "Toddler Curiousity = A Knitter’s Nightmare"


Just wanted to let you know that you are not the worst mother in the world. Trust me! You are there for him and he knows that! I know people who aren’t very good for their children and you have nothing to worry about….


Hill 🙂

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