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Finished My First Project

Posted on: July 27, 2009

I found the first knitting project I ever did the other day and realized that I never actually finished. I was so excited to jump into other projects that I just pinned it off the needles and left it. So… I finished it! Maybe just for kicks and maybe just to know it’s completed but here it is. I used a little of the extra yarn from that project and made a cozy for my waterbottle too. I hate condensation.


I have recently discovered that my library has a HUGE collection of knitting pattern books and I think I have 5 or 6 checked out right now. I am going to photocopy the patterns I actually want to do and then return them. I don’t think there’s any infringement problems as long as I don’t distribute them. But how cool is that?

* Katie’s baby shower was fantastic! I was a close knit group of women and very relaxed and comfortable. I thought the decorations were beautiful as well as the glowing mom-to-be 🙂 I think she really enjoyed the blanket. I also taught her little cousin to knit. (See? I just KNEW there was a reason to carry it around everywhere I go! LOL)


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