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The Offensive Word “Yarn”!

Posted on: July 12, 2009

I have been knitting like a crazed old fogey the last few weeks. I’m rushing to finish Katie’s baby blanket for her shower on July 25th, but working on the same muted-color project for that long is sooo boring! (I know I’m whining)
Sooo… I just HAD to go to my LYS (I know what you’re thinking, “just HAD to”? LOL) I needed a filler project, something fun to take a break from boredom once in a while. And then I saw it. This beautiful, flamingo pink, tiny little ball of yarn. It is soft wool and silk, and probably the absolutely softest thing I’ve ever laid my hands on. I just had to have it. I bought two balls and have decided that I’m going ot make it into a scarf (for myself). I have chosen a lacey pattern that I’ve never attempted and it’s fun, although now I have to make myself pick up that blanket.
I have also recently found a pattern for a sweater hoody that I’m very excited about. It will be my first sweater ever! Woo Hoo! I found the yarn and needles that it needs both on sale and with coupons, so the total cost for my future hand knit sweater is a total of $11.91. Which I guess will make up for my scarf with the gorgeous pink yarn that set me back $27.94. Whoops. Maybe my husband IS right to shake his head when I mention the offensive word “yarn” 🙂


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